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Teens In The Summer

Posted By browniiboo on May 25, 2010 at 9:11PM

Well were obviously out for summer break woohoo and most of us teenagers are abored or just can't think of any thing different to do in the summer .This is where i come in i have things you would like to do but probably wouldn't of thought of it.

 1.go to your favorite local boutique try on clothes and take pictures!!!

 2. you and your friends each make a cd with the same songs and decorate the cover with cute objects!!!

3.have a dinner party and dress all professional go all out it will be a blast take pictures!!!

4.go to a thrift store like savers goodwill or a realy nice one twice is nice and go shopping use 20 dollars at the most !!!

5.play foot ball with a buch of guys in the mud!!!

6. run around in the rain!!!

7.remake one of your favorite videos!!!

8.go to the lake and swim non stop!!!

9. you and your friends could go on a friendly group date and then bowling!!!

10.go swimming in the middle of night!!!

11. make random notes stick them in balloons and send them!!!

12.throw a themed party!!!

13. give eachother total make overs!!!

14. make a stand giving free stuff ''free compliments''!!!

15. play ding dong ditch but leave things at peoples door's like flowers!!!

16. have a picnic in yours or your friends back yard!!!

17. bead some braclets!!!

18.have a pool party!!!

19. go to a cheap water park!!!

20.volunteer at a childerens hospital or nursing home!!!

21. sighn up for a class

All of these things are to do with your closests friend or family member remember take lots and lots of pictures so you can later scrap book them all.Now with these things you will never be bored and you will have lots of fun through out your summer break. One big advice from me to you will be have as much harmless fun you can. 

Beautiful Wedding Gowns!!!

Posted By browniiboo on May 21, 2010 at 4:01PM

This years wedding season will blow your mind away, i sure am a witness of it. Wonderful gowns vary from inexpensive to very expensive but i think we'll prefere inexpensive!As kids we've all dreamed of the beautiful, white, puffy, chic, princess like wedding dress. While I'm writing about it some are actually living out these dreams.These are both beautiful examples of the gowns i just decribed. But now days brides to be want different there own personality put in to that one perferct dress for thar one night! Her are some examples of the new version of wedding dresses.Either way they're still the beautiful dreamed of dress we know them to be our wedding dresses.

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